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Gamers-Desire? What is is?

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Naruto: Naiteki Kensei R1

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Earth's Special Forces

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Animal AI in ESF

By Grega 17 March 2010

Oh yes! We went there...

What are we looking at here?

The image above shows a couple new features that the coders have been experimenting with.

Animal AI
One of the old school ESF developers is back in action. Rick (aka "Me") has returned to further his work on the bots as well as other side projects. For example, Rick has been working on an animal AI system that will allow mappers to add different types of creatures to maps. This system will allow for a variety of creatures that players will be able to interact with. Have you ever wanted to punch a dinosaur in the face? Me too...

Radial Blur
Raven has been experimenting with adding radial blur to ESF's visual FX set.

ESF Simple Melee Update

By Grega 08 March 2010

Welcome to the second melee update. Last time we have shown you what to expect of the new melee design with a couple of videos for better imagination of how it will work. This time we will be going though each of the subsystems one by one. Each subsystem will get its own update and the updates specific to melee will be made every couple of weeks with each of the updates done by a different development team member.

Short history of the Simple Melee system

ESF Beta 1.0:
-First introduction of Simple Melee
-Lock on required to swoop with only forward swoop possible
-Head-ons won by lower ping players
-Blow back length and speed enough to cover half of the map
-Chance for unlimited areal combos

ESF Beta 1.1:
-Head-ons won by player with more KI remaining

ESF Beta 1.2.X:
-Lock on removed in favor of the double tap swooping system
-Blow back speed and distance decreased drastically
-2 hit limit for areal combos implemented to cope with easier chaining of hits
-Head-ons changed to both players hitting each other and being blown apart

With that small history of the simple melee system behind us let me present the changes made for ESF:Final. The changes can easily be summed up into a few short paragraphs.

Damage and Blow back

In the past damage and blow back dealt from a melee hit was consistent no matter how the hit was done. In ESF: Final the blow back and damage dealt with simple melee will depend on 2 things. The first is speed, meaning that the faster you go the more damage blow back is done. The second is power, which can be considered the power level difference between the two players. Whether a player is stronger or weaker than an opponent will affect how much damage and blow back are dealt. Of course limits have been set as to how much damage may be dealt to players.

Continuous melee hits

The two hit limit has been reverted back to the infinite hits for simple melee.. To balance the system out each new hit you do will cause a bigger knock back to the opponent so it gets harder with each hit. Getting the second hit is relatively easy, but with the third one it'll become harder as knock back speed and distance increases with each hit.


With the incorporation of head-ons in ESF Beta 1.2 players that simultaneously attack each other with the same attack would be knocked back from each other. The system was further updated to include improved visuals.

Bonus points

With the addition of special moves a system was added to allow players to earn bonus points and then use them to “buy” special attacks. Bonus points are earned by performing actions in the game, such as simple melee hits. The system is designed so that more advanced actions are given a greater reward. For example, a simple melee hit will give you 1 point; the second hit will give you an additional 2 points, third hit 4 points, fourth 8 points and so on. Of course this only counts for continuous hits. If the target recovers from his blow back your point multiplier also gets reset.

ESF - New Melee System Overview

By Grega 19 January 2010

After several months of design work a new melee system has been implemented that caters to the high speed gameplay of ESF. Players can mix and match these new moves to form more complex combinations.


Over the years one of the most heavily debated topics within the development team has been the melee system. This system alone has required hours upon hours of discussion, design, redesign, re-redesign, re-re-redesign, re-re-re-redesign... you get the picture. Let's just say it's the reason that beer is now available on team meeting's menu. All of that aside, I am happy to announce that we have finally found a winner!

There were a few realizations made during the last round of the design process that have had a huge impact on the new system.

  1. Players really enjoy simple melee
  2. Melee is more about out maneuvering opponents than just mashing buttons
  3. There needs to be a way to do complex moves in a simple way
  4. ESF's mascot Phil the three headed emu will hurt us if the system fails


As a result, new moves have been implemented that retain the feel of simple melee, but offer players a way to string attacks together to form combinations.


Simple Melee: Mouse button 1

This light damage attack is similar to its beta counterpart with the exception that the knockback distance has been modified to allow average players to perform multiple melee hits more easily.




Combo Melee: Mouse button 2

A more damaging charged based melee attack that delivers several blows to an opponent. Holding a direction will send the opponent flying in that direction after the combo finishes. This is very handy for planning out the attack in the chain or for knocking opponents into objects that are to the left or right of the player.




Quick Throw: Mouse button 1+2

This attack is based on the beta throw, but with a twist. The ability for opponents to resist being thrown has been removed. Getting caught by this attack may result in your attacker repeating "who's your daddy?" over and over.




Grab and Smash: Mouse button 1+2 with turbo on

This vicious attack will remind players of that one time they had to stay the night in jail. It allows one player to grab another during swoop and drag them around. What the attacking player does from there is up to them. A couple suggestions are:

  1. Forcefully fly the opponent around the map while giving them a scenic tour
  2. Kindly smash their head into the ground and/or adjacent walls


...But, you said something about doing complex moves in a simple way?

In order to allow for the greatest flexibility and ease of use a framework was created where players earn bonus points through different actions, such as damaging an opponent, and spend those points on special moves.


Bonus System: Bonus button (C by default)

Bonus points may be applied to blocking, beams, and melee. Within each area there are three levels of bonuses; the higher the tier, the higher the cost and the more devastating the bonus. But that's really a discussion for another day. All you need to know for now is that once a melee bonus has been activated it's only active for a limited amount of time. It is crucial to setup your bonus attack using simple melee, combo melee, and throwing.






NNK R1 Officially Released!

By DJ-Ready 10 January 2010


We've done it! NNK has been officially released to the public! We're very pleased and we can't wait to see see you guys in-game! Download Links can be found at the bottom of this post!



The Release Party was a huge success! We had even more listeners than our appearance on Podcast 17! We'd like to thank everyone who joined us in IRC and those who listened in on our Shoutcast! If you missed the Release Party and want to catch up on what happened JoeJustJoe was kind enough to keep notes which you can read here. Much thanks Joe!

If you're new to NNK, which all of you are, there is a great Tutorial Mode that teaches you all you need to know to prepare for battle! Simply click create server, set the map to nnk_academy, and change the game mode to tutorial. This will guide you through the basics of controlling your ninja and is highly recommended.

As with any new game, there is bound to be a few issues that we didn't catch. One of the issues you may run into is having your character stuck at times. If you find yourself in a situation like this, press the B key or open your console with the ~ key and type in unstuck. This will move your character away from potential sticky situations. We're going to work on getting you guys a patch as soon as possible. In the mean time if you run into any trouble please post in our Help Forum to find ways to resolve your issue.



Download it right here!

See you in the servers!




NNK Milestone update #7

By DJ-Ready 26 December 2009


NNK has finally reached a stage worthy of sharing with our public. We are stronger than ever with the arrival of Tenken. Through his dedication to the project, we're able to make incredible strides towards future releases!


Chapter 7: What's left for NNK


The team is working diligently to clear out as many bugs as possible, and it's in no small part thanks to many individuals who have helped us in finding them!

Though there have been many key people in the development of the project who have been here since the beginning and are still going strong. We would like to take the time to recognize the members who have always stood by NNK with continuous, active progress since our humble beginnings:

  • Super Vegetto has worked day in and day out for NNK, doing everything from textures, animation, modeling, skinning, bug tracking, and countless other contributions. It can be said he completed at least 70% of our content, and has without doubt worked the longest and hardest out of everyone who contributed to our project.
  • Ryokeen has been NNK's coder since the very beginning. He was able to implement awesome features for NNK, some never before done on the Half Life engine, such as facial expressions, per pixel shading, cell shading, motion blur, and so much more.
  • DJ-Ready has done a lot to raise the bar with the level design. As well as providing custom content hosting for both Earth's Special Forces and Naruto Naiteki Kensei. Together with SV, they were able to create some incredible levels never though to be done on the Half Life engine. Through the help with Raven, ESF's coder, and Ryokeen, a new style of mapping has been able to exponentially improve the quality of maps.
  • Kama has done much with providing skins for models and map textures, as well as providing much PR service for NNK. He always brought in a level-headed, fun feeling to the project. Much of our update texts were completed by him, and it definitely made them a lot more enjoyable to read!
  • Kong has been the very first initiator of NNK, bringing together the many talents from the ESF community to bring to life this awesome project. Keeping things organized, together, and moving together has been a key feature to keeping this project afloat.
  • Tenken has kept NNK from the brink of death. Though recently joining, the 10-20 hours a day non-stop coding for NNK cannot be left unnoticed!

There are many awesome team members who have played key factors in bringing NNK to life during points of development!

  • Darktooth - Pumped out countless awesome animations
  • Eclipse - Sculpted character models and map props
  • Enix - Created some very high quality player models and props
  • Fil - Created some complicated features and programmed much for NNK
  • GlassShine - Initially spent hours on end, giving us awesome jumps in coding progress
  • God Gundam - Helped us rigged a few characters, modeling, as well as some awesome animations
  • Lord Killmore - The very first set of animations for NNK
  • Phobius - NNK's website provider, payed for the hosting of the project since the beginning
  • Raven - Helped much with our coders in bug fixing and feature implementation
  • Roach - Shaped levels to fight in
  • Sven da Man - Provided a few of our character models
  • TimN - Awesome skills on providing over 10 custom made tracks for NNK
  • Tom - Gave us leaps in code development
  • Tryforce - Made many map props, as well as doing some side skin jobs

Also we would like to recognize a few others who have done some work for NNK.

  • Brad - Squished many bugs that plagued our build
  • Compwhiz797 - Exploding tags and Kawarimi jutsu
  • Crono5788 - Very early attempt at melee that didn't fit with our game play
  • Damaera - Helped a bit with animations
  • Davidhalo - Provided some early help with the project
  • Davidskiwan - Provided a few animations
  • Keiha - Helped a bit with animations
  • Nightz - Very early dashing system, later was recoded
  • Navanax - Very early Kage Bunshin system, later was recoded
  • Sandstorm - Did our first shurikens, later recoded
  • Skizer - Provided some help with the website
  • SSJason - Very early targeting system, later was recoded

Also, for those creating custom content to gain access to NNK early, you have until January 3, 2010 to submit your completed work! Any late submissions will not be given access to NNK early!

Please send a Private Message to Kama with the file zipped up before January 3, 2010!




Here are a few websites you can use to upload the file.

Oh, by the way. Make sure to check the NNK main page!

And remember, Vote for NNK in the MOTY 2009 awards! The more votes from registered users we have, the more likely you may play!

- NNK Team




So thats what the NNK Team has to say this Christmas weekend. If you did check the NNK main page, you must've noticed the countdown already! Only 15 days left until it runs out ... I wonder whats going to happen then ;)

- GD


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